Addictions Foundation Of Manitoba Collective Agreement

Browse our list of research-related courses and workshops. Each year, Manitoba Substance Use and Addictions Awareness Week (M-SUAAW) provides Manitobans in all walks of life with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and explore solutions to address the harm caused by drug use and addiction. Now that the contract has been ratified, the MGEU bargaining committee will meet with its employer to finalize the details of the contract and sign the agreement so that it can be printed and distributed to members. The new treaty provides for general wage increases each year, improvements to the health expenditure account, the implementation of a medically prescribed direct payments plan and employment security provisions for the duration of the agreement. The contract applies from March 30, 2014 to March 23, 2019. Unions support their members through the labour relations process, collective bargaining and advocacy, as well as public and government relations. Information on the various organizations and services they provide is available at: MGEU/NUPGE members at AFM provide thousands of Manitobans with a wide range of addiction services across the province. Negotiations began in 2014 and, after a long and difficult series of negotiations, union members and the employer reached an interim agreement in February. Many community-based programs offer virtual support. Please note that IPD (Impaired Driver Program) reviews are available over the phone. For more information, contact your local AFM office. .

– Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) is leading the thoughtful planning and gradual implementation of comprehensive changes in the health care system to improve the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of health services. MHSAL is at the forefront of policy development and planning and is responsible for overall funding, performance requirements, oversight and accountability. Visit the Manitoba Health System Transformation, Seniors and Living People (MHSAL) website for more information about Manitoba`s health care system and the services it provides. Many young people experience alcohol, other drugs and gambling. It is not uncommon for some students to share very personal experiences. Find out how you can help. Stucco at home because of social renunciation? AFM has many online resources, including the AFM Library, the most comprehensive source of substance use/abuse, gambling and related issues in Manitoba – for more information. 2. What services does E.F.A.P. provide to employees? E.F.A.P. counsellors are trained to assess situations in which employees have difficulty understanding each other due to personal, professional, cultural or other differences.

E.F.A.P. conducts an in-depth assessment to determine whether mediation is the most useful form of intervention. E.F.A.P. then brings the parties together and offers an objective third-party process to discuss their differences constructively and explore solutions that are satisfactory to both parties.

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