Aircraft Charter Agreement Example

15.1.1 20% du prix de l`affrètement avec effet immédiat ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (CHARTER/USER) achètera une charte d`entités uniques via la plateforme BlackBird et BlackBird agira en tant que courtier charter (transporteur aérien indirect) pour obtenir l`affrètement de l`entité unique. Operator`s name Part 135. (CARRIER) makes available to the charter carrier described below, in accordance with the following provisions and the terms and conditions of sale added to it, which are part of this Agreement. 3.3 All ground and cabin crew, including cabin crew, are permitted to receive orders only from the airline, unless the airline has previously entered into an explicit written agreement, as certain defined instructions may be accepted by the charterer. 1.02 AGENCE MATTERS. (a) This agreement exists only between BlackBird and CHARTERER and no agency relationship is established or contemplated. Neither party has the authority to act on behalf of the other party, to represent the other party or to the other party`s commitment under this agreement. (b) No passenger is considered a contracting party to this agreement or has no rights. (c) Each party guarantees that its respective signatory has the right to execute this agreement and thus binds the party concerned to the agreement. 11.2 This agreement establishes the entire agreement and agreement between the parties or any of them under the Aircraft Charter described here and replaces all previous assurances, agreements, conditions, negotiations and commitments made orally or in writing about them.

The charterer: Any person, company or corporate charter organization or offer to charter any airline aircraft. 4.1 In the event that it is unable to carry out part of the Charter, the airline has the right to replace any other operator or equivalent aircraft after notice. 8.1 Fuel and insurance supplements, VIP terminal, aircraft de-icing, limousine services, SATCOM services and special catering requests such as caviar and special wines or spirits, as well as all other charges related to the goods or services requested are reimbursed separately, at the expense and by the charterer to the airline. 2.01 AIRCRAFT CHARTERS. CARRIER undertakes to provide CHARTERER and CHARTERER undertakes to charter carrier the full capacity of each flight specified in this agreement, subject to the terms of this agreement and applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and all other U.S. and non-U.S. authorities. Government authorities. Each party is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has developed the attached draft model contract as a guide for its members and others, with respect to frequently used contractual clauses, which are involved in agreements that may cover the transactions they carry out. The attached project model is developed only as an indication and as an example and is not exhaustive or final, as all transactions are different. BACA does not provide any assurance or assurance as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its content and BACA disclaims any responsibility for the people who can count on it. People who wish to use this project should seek their own legal advice. 15.1.3 50% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled 48 hours before departure 4.01. Free luggage. The free baggage limit applicable to each passenger is set on the face of this agreement and calculated on the basis of the total weight divided for the luggage and by the number of passenger seats on the aircraft.

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