Partnership Agreement Uebersetzung

4. Where the company has professional liability insurance prescribed by law for this purpose, only the company`s assets are liable to the creditors for the company`s obligations in the event of damage caused by the profession. Sections 113, paragraph 3, and sections 114 to 124 of the Insurance Contracts Act apply mutatis mutandis. The name of the company must include “limited professional liability” (with limited professional liability) or the abbreviation “mbB” or any other generally understood abbreviation of that name; Instead of such additions to the name of the company in section 2, paragraph 1, first sentence, the name of the limited liability company may include the word “party” or “Partgg.” (3) The limitation of liability for claims for damages arising from professional disputes at a fixed ceiling may be authorized by law for individual occupations, if a professional liability insurance obligation is at the same time justified by the partners or the company. The joint ventures also include companies in which the Volkswagen Group holds a majority stake, but whose statutes or company contracts provide that important decisions can only be taken unanimously. (1) In paragraph 106, paragraph 1, and paragraph 108, first sentence, of the code of commerce, the partnership is, mutatis mutandis, applicable to the registration of the partnership in the partnership register. The registration must contain the information in section 3, paragraph 2, the date of birth of each partner and the representative power of the partners. Changes to this information must also be recorded for registration in the Partnership Register. the collective investment contract for investment funds, the statutes and rules of SICAVs/SICAF, and partnership contracts for limited partnerships for collective investments. (5) Article 125 bis, paragraph 1, first and second paragraphs, of the Code of Commerce applies mutatis mutandis to the content of the company`s letters, provided that, in the case of a partnership with limited professional liability, it is also necessary to indicate the additional name chosen by this partnership within the meaning of section 8, paragraph 4, third sentence. 3. The practice of a profession in the context of a partnership may be prohibited or subject to other conditions by provisions relating to certain professions.

2. The membership of any partner of the independent profession that it exercises within the framework of the partnership must be indicated in the registration. The registry court takes the information provided by the partners as the basis for the registration, unless it knows that the information is inaccurate. 2. The partnership agreement can only exclude certain partners from the conduct of other operations. 3. The provisions of Section 125, paragraph 1, and sections 126 and 127 of the Code of Commerce apply mutatis mutandis to the representation of the partnership. The state that emerges from a partnership agreement protects the freedom and property of individuals. (2) The liability of the partners for the obligations of the company after the dissolution of the company or the resignation of the partner is established in accordance with paragraphs 159 and 160 of the Code of Commerce. 2.Name, first name, professional senkinner in partnership and home of each partner; (1) Partnership is a society in which members of independent professions have banded together to practice their professions. It is not permitted to trade commercially.

Members of a partnership can only be natural persons. The partnership agreement for limited partnerships for collective investment; (3) Governments of the federal states may require by law that registration and all or certain documents may be filed in the register of companies until 31 December 2009, among other things on paper. In the case of the adoption of a legal order under the first sentence, the provisions relating to the registration and presentation of documents in the register of companies in its current version apply until the law on electronic records of commerce, cooperative registers and the register of trade of November 10, 2006 (Bundesgesetzblatt I, s).

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