Tracfone End User License Agreement

Unless otherwise stated or explicit agreement from TCT, you may and will, for whatever reason: (i) sell, assign, assign, allocate, distribute, distribute, publish, transfer or make available TCL applications in entire sets or functions or functions; (ii) copy, reproduce, publish, download, post or transfer TCL software and/or TCL applications in one way or another; (iii) decompiling, decompiling, decoding, re-westernizing or trying to draw all or part of the source code (or underlying ideas, algorithms, structure or organization) from TCL software and/or TCL applications; (iv) modify or remove titles, trademarks or trade names, copyright mentions, captions or other indications or property markings on or in TCL software and/or in TCL applications; (v) an attack or attempt to compromise the security, integrity, authentication or planned operation of TCL software and/or applications; (vi) modify, translate, adapt or otherwise create works derived from software or improvements; (vii) use TCL software and/or TCL applications to create a competitive offering or to create other software, products or technologies. Subject to the conditions and limitations of this CLU, TCT hereafter grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable license to: (i) use a TCL device in strict compliance with the documentation; (ii) use TCL software only on a TCL device and with strict respect for documentation; (iii) access, download and use on such a TCL device of any TCL application, in strict compliance with the documentation. This end-user license agreement (“CLE” or “agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between you, either a natural person, a corporation (“end user” or “he”) and TCT Mobile Inc., created in accordance with Delaware (“TCT”) laws and the subsidiary of TCL Corporation, a Chinese company based in Huizhou, China (“TCL”). This CLU regulates the use of the TCL device, TCL software and related documentation, as defined below, distributed by or on behalf of TCT. TCT does not provide maintenance or assistance services under this board.C. Maintenance and assistance services, if any, require a new and distinct written agreement. These CLE and our privacy policies ( and are the comprehensive and exclusive agreement between you and TCT for TCL devices, TCL software and TCL applications and replace all written or oral prior agreements, guarantees or guarantees regarding the use of the TCL device, TCL software and TCL applications. You acknowledge that you have read this CLU, that you understand it, that you agree to be bound by its terms.

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