Vicroads Dealer Certification Agreement

New and used car dealers are able to manage their vehicles through online services. This section provides detailed information on the dealer certification system and the agreement on used car dealerships. Dealer information on the process of changing license plates by re-editing a license plate from one vehicle to another and issuing aertoned license plates. This section contains information that helps merchants perform daily check-in and transfer transactions. By signing the new car dealership certification system and joining myVicRoads, newly registered car dealerships can register most new vehicles and transfer registered Victorian vehicles without leaving the car dealership. You can also renew the registration of common expiry dates for vehicles in stock. Once you have entered into your contract and have collected all the necessary supporting documents, please send them to: before you can be considered, you must be able to prove that you meet the location requirements in order to become an AFSAC provider. These are listed below in our afSACs ISP checklist: Note: You need a scanner to complete the application process. . You must take out liability insurance that will cover you for a minimum of $10 million and list VicRoads as interested If your application is approved, you can also: If the documentation is complete and scanned, you must register to myVicRoad`s partner account. If you need help with the registration process, visit the help page. Find solutions to frequent login and account problems.

VicRoads will not review the application until all necessary documents have been provided. Note: Fees continue to be paid for vehicle registration and registration transfer, including a charge for the vehicle inspection report and an administrative fee for all registration operations. However, there are no additional fees for using the myVicRoads partner account. . As a new candidate, you must pay a registration fee. Once you have been approved as an AFSACS supplier, you must pay an annual fee. Your annual AFSACS provider fee covers you for a calendar year. . To meet the requirements, you`ll find our AFSACS checklist useful: . Below is the agreement on the evaluation and certification systems for alternative fuel systems that you must conclude: .

If you meet the location and equipment requirements, you must enter into and sign an AFSACS agreement. This includes the purchase: If you have registered, we will evaluate your application and you will receive an automatic notification if your account is approved.

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