Voucher Agreement

Co-head of household: a “co-head of the household” is a person in the household who signs the rental contract and the coupon contract and who is responsible for both rental and accommodation contracts with the head of the household. Will be responsible for the performance of family obligations under the rental agreement and the purchase of housing vouchers. The agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with regard to its purpose. No other conditions apply. If, for any reason, part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalidated by a competent court, jurisdiction or other administrative authority, this provision must be separated from this agreement and the other provisions of that agreement will remain in force in their entirety. Unless otherwise stated, the time is not the nucleus of a date or period specified in this agreement. The parent may grant unlimited access to their children for the omission of the child care provider, the parents during normal operating hours or whenever the children are in the care of the child care provider, unless access has been limited by a court injunction. Head of household: a “head of household” is the adult member of the household, who has the legal capacity to enter into a tenancy agreement under national and local law; Sign the lease; and will be responsible for the performance of the family obligations arising from the rental agreement and the housing voucher agreement. If you place an order and the distributor accepts it, a legally binding contract will be entered into, the terms and conditions of which are listed below in the “Terms of Sale.” You have no influence on your legal rights as consumers. No delay, act or omission of any of the parties in the exercise of a right or remedy is considered to be a waiver of the right or any other act, law or remedy.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate email address is entered in your Voucher order. If you are not sure, please use your own email address. You can send or print the email to the recipient at a later date and personally send it to the recipient or send it by mail. VoucherCart reserves the right to change or complete these terms of sale from time to time.

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