Auckland Council Collective Agreement

The agreement is separate from the Council`s plans to cut 500 or more jobs as part of this year`s reduced emergency budget, reflecting a Covid-19 revenue of approximately $475 million. The purpose of the AdUs is to clarify and be transparent about the tariffs for which additional payments are made and the amounts to be paid. The objective is also to ensure consistency and to recognize the additional tasks that the staff under this agreement could perform. This procedure for registering additional tasks is also intended to support further planning and development within the organization and to reduce administrative costs, as units are issued for a period of one year or more. Section 53 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 provides that an expired collective agreement remains viable for an additional 12 months, provided that the union or employer has entered into negotiations to replace the collective agreement before the expiry of the deadline. The terms of an employment contract must be respected. It is the current collective agreements that set the conditions for school principals, teachers and other staff in schools. Collective agreements are available to most workers in the state-integrated education sector. No no. Your employer must continue to respect your employment contract.

In other words, “the financial impact of Covid-19 is serious, which is why the attempt to get the ship rightly in a single year is misdirected,” Barclay said of the Council`s drastic budget cuts. According to PSA, local employees throughout Wairarapa will be unloaded from the plans of a “super-council.” The objective of the consultation is to reach agreement and make recommendations to management that, where possible, takes these views into account before making decisions. One of the characteristics of trade unionism in the workplace is a collective approach to wages and conditions of employment. The law stipulates that changes to employment contracts must be discussed and agreed upon in good faith. Good faith means that you, your employer and your union must be honest with each other and actively communicate. In particular, if your employer wants to make changes that would make it difficult for you to continue your work, they must provide you with all the information and give you the opportunity to participate before they make their final decision. The ERO will create an opportunity that will allow employees to exchange salaries for additional leave and to have banks leaving for future use. This will only be made available to officers in accordance with the DCE and subject to the policies agreed between IMO and EPI.

“We have put all recruitment for permanent roles on hold, so that our workforce and payroll will decrease, but the magnitude of the spending reduction that the Council will have to make will take measures that, frankly, are not pleasant. Workers and their supervisor may, at the initiative of one of the parties, vary the normal working hours and/or working days depending on the requirements of the Agency or the wishes of the worker. The manager respects the right of employees who do not want to change their working time. Employees can negotiate changes to work schedules individually or in groups. Workers have the right to be represented by their representative. Any such changes are made by appointment and recorded in writing by exchange of letters. If you are entitled to a redundancy, you will find them in your collective or individual agreements or in any other agreement you have with the employer. As a general rule, the rights include termination or payment instead of notice and possibly redundancy pay.

“Redundancy” is when your employer informs you that they can no longer employ you and that you are terminating your employment contract. Response After further confirmation, and when, at point 9.5, an agreement has been reached between the Executive Chief and PSA on reassignment, when vacancies are still vacant and candidates are PSA members, the employee

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