Barclays Bank Business Customer Agreement

You can continue to sign up to receive Pingit payments and use Pingit to sign up for PayM, a mobile payment service that supports payments to 16 banks and mortgage companies. You can also create a unique QR code. All your customers need to do is scan the code With a Barclays Business account, you can use Pingit as a billing app and do the paperwork in a simple and secure way. Add the customer`s phone number, tap on a few details and you can get started. Customers can pay immediately with Pingit or use a bank transfer, cash or check. List your business in our directory so customers can find you, contact you and pay Customers can enter your number into Pingit and pay in a few finger tips. . Create your own unique shortcut, which you can use instead of your phone number. .

Choice is a wonderful thing, which is why you can get paid in a lot of different ways – and they are all very quick and simple…

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