Collective Agreement Norway

Can collective agreements be generalised for certain sectors in Denmark? At sectoral level, the agreements set out a wide range of detailed rules on issues such as pay systems, leave, working hours, travel expenses, health and safety, special leave – such as bereavement leave – and gender equality issues. They are also interested in early retirement schemes (AFP in Norwegian), which have been very important in recent years. No no. Sweden does not have a system of general extension of collective agreements. There are separate agreements between the different trade unions and employers` organisations, but on many points the agreements have the same wording, with the exception of amendments, to take account of specific structures. (However, there are important differences between public and private sector agreements regarding employee representation – see section on representation in the workplace.) The most important of these agreements is the agreement between LO, the largest trade union confederation, and NHO, the largest national employers` organisation in the private sector. .

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