Teamsters Local 25 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Congress sets general policy on the programs, objectives, and finances of the Teamsters Union. The steward and other local union leaders can answer your questions and help you find the best way to resolve the issue. Trade Divisions/Conferences The International Union has 19 categories of Teamsters Trades & Industries that provide special assistance to local people with members in certain sectors or types of work. These include that. Help from your local union If you join the Teamsters, you will become a member of a local union. We were originally a drivers` union. But when the teamsters became stronger, these drivers came into contact with thousands of workers in warehouses, factories, offices, hospitals, local government, and many types of businesses that also needed a union. Your local union is primarily responsible for enforcing your rights under the union contract. Most teamster contracts are negotiated by the local union. Some premises employ commercial agents to represent members and assist public servants in coordinating union activities. There are also three specialized conferences: bakery and laundry, brewery and softdrink Workers and Dairies. A bigger, stronger union can win better contracts and better laws for all of us.

If you believe that management has violated your rights or you have any questions or problems about the work, inform your team steward. Officers and team collaborators lead our organizational efforts, but they can`t do it alone. Successful organizational trips often depend on Teamster members taking their time to explain to disorganized workers the benefits of membership.

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