Xcel Interconnection Agreement

Thomas Malone, Engineer: thomas.h.malone@xcelenergy.com Steven Hudson, Senior Engineer: steven.hudson@xcelenergy.com The new forms should be used instead of the previous application forms, Forms 6027 and 6028. The new forms consist of a single basic application form and a set of technology-specific attachments. The forms aim to streamline the information requested by DG Interconnection`s notifiers and to eliminate the information deemed unnecessary that was included in the previous forms. Customers must request from their utility that their distributed energy resource (including storage), which operates parallel to the electricity grid, be connected to the grid to obtain operating permission. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the system complies with national and local regulations; including electrical codes, building codes and zoning laws. This is called the interconnection process. The public service does not guarantee the suitability, safety or other characteristics of the distributed energy resource or of structures, equipment, wires, appliances or related equipment that do not belong to it, are not installed or maintained by the public service. 2. Where the NAPs determine that the interconnection of producers may have an impact on the transmission system, the PSP shall inform SPS of those effects and provide SPS with all network impact assessments detailing those effects. Parties interested in assessing the potential interconnection of the distribution system may request a pre-application report containing specific information on the proposed joint linkage point for a $300 non-repayable charge. Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative worked with stakeholders in 2018 and 2019 to develop the distributed generation request process in Wisconsin under Wis.

Admin. Code ch. Update and streamline SSE 119. New reorganised interconnection application forms will be available from 1 January 2020. There are a few steps you need to know before installing distributed energy resources in your home, business or property. First, learn the rules and guidelines for the system you want to connect. Then, check out our tools below, including an overview of hosting capacity, pre-application data (on request), and publicly accessible queues. These resources can be useful to review them before submitting a full connection request, especially for large installations that can impact the network. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission`s Rules, Chapter 7835 on Cogeneration and Small Power Generation, deal with the interconnection of qualified power plants. With Bill 216B and House Bill HF956. The following links will take you to the Minnesota Office of the Auditor of Statues website and open in a new window. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission has interconnection agreements for generation of up to 20 kW and between 20 kW and 15 MW.

The following points describe the specific details that must be included in the documents submitted in the interconnection application: The New Mexico State Interconnection Rules adopted by the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission (PRC) are contained in Rules 568, 569, 570 and 572. For more information about pre-application reports, including the report request process, contact DERInterconnectionWI@xcelenergy.com. Contact your utility`s connection coordinator to troubleshoot issues. .

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