Taylor Mountain

IMG_0419 (640x459)

This is a painting of Taylor Mountain from Idaho Falls.  The view is from the same spot I painted the Old Barn, just rotated 180 degrees. My main objective in this painting was to capture the hazy atmosphere of a warm summer afternoon.

Old Barn

IMG_0408 (640x503)

This is a painting of an old barn in the Idaho Falls area.  It was a nice day and several of us were out doing some plein air painting.

Barn Hunter Washington

Barn Hunter Washington

This was a barn I saw several years ago.  On our last family vacation to Lake Roosevelt we drove past the barn again and I had to stop and take a picture of it to paint.  It is a huge barn with the sides at least 12 foot high.

Winter Aspen

Winter AspenLately I have been going back to painting Aspens.  Since a winter scene is usually cold I decided to try and warm it up with impressionistic brush strokes and some warm colors.

Calm Time

This painting is of the calm time just after sunrise and just before sunset.  At this time the world is a simple place.  The color represents the busy world that will appear later in the day.  Enjoy the calm times in your life.

Ririe Wheat Fields

This is a view of wheat fields near Ririe, Idaho.  I go past here quite often, but I never noticed the silo before.  At least it never really registered.  This particular morning the sun must have been just right as it really caught my attention.  I just had to paint it.  Another example of how my painting has changed how I see the world.


Mailbox Soliders

This painting is a combination of all the rural mailboxes I see while driving around the country.  I am always taken in by them and have painted them in all sizes, shapes and colors.  I really liked this perspective where they are all lined up like they are protecting the country behind them.  Hence the title “Mailbox Soliders”.  They truely are a part of our past and current culture.  It is fun to imagine all the news that passes through them.  However, they are probably going to fade into history as they are replaced with technology.

Street Lights

This painting is all about contrast.  The contrast of the snowflakes, the snow and the street lights against the dark building are the value contrasts.  The overall painting represents the contrast between the quiet night scene with no cars or people and what one can imagine it might be during the day time.