Road to Hillsboro

IMG_0574 (640x526)

Quick little sketch of the old road to the ghost town of Hillsboro in the Dry Head country of Montana and Wyoming. I just love the Dry Head country as I grew up about 25 miles from the area depicted in this painting. There are a lot of old buildings still standing in Hillsboro, but they are farther down the canyon.

Taylor Mountain

IMG_0419 (640x459)

This is a painting of Taylor Mountain from Idaho Falls.  The view is from the same spot I painted the Old Barn, just rotated 180 degrees. My main objective in this painting was to capture the hazy atmosphere of a warm summer afternoon.

Old Barn

IMG_0408 (640x503)

This is a painting of an old barn in the Idaho Falls area.  It was a nice day and several of us were out doing some plein air painting.