Spring Thaw

With winter coming to an end I am always looking for signs of Spring. In this scene the bushes turning red and the water in the river starting to melt just said Spring to me. Of course using the Tetons as a background is always nice. It will be awhile before the snow melts up there.

Packing In

Another painting in my cowboy series. This one reminds me of the great adventures when I was younger and had horses to carry my camping gear. When I look at this scene I can smell the fresh air and get a relaxed feeling. A slower less stressful time.

Watering Hole

This painting is the start of a cowboy series and a change in painting style. Trying to loosen up my paintings. Bear with me while I continue on this new journey.

Desert Spirits

While driving through Southern Utah on my way back from a month in Arizona, I kept seeing Ravens flying along side of the road. Kind of gave me a weird feeling. Like Indian Spirits were telling us good by or have a safe journey. When I got home I made a small sketch to capture my feelings,